Fish Bowl Collage

Registration is open to those who are in Kindergarten through the 6th grade.
Class size will be limited to 10 participants.
Choose from one of two sessions:
Thursday, June 17th at 1:00 PM (PST):
Thursday, June 17th at 2:30 PM (PST):
Thursday, June 17th at 4:00 PM (PST):
Learning Goals: 
* Collage technique
* Color theory - shades/values
* Shape
Materials List: 
* 2 pieces of thin cardboard (cereal box) approximately 9 inch x 12 inch
* Scissors
* Glue stick and bottle of glue
* Pencil and eraser
* Black Sharpie
* Different shades of blue, brown, orange and green papers cut into 1 or 2 inch shapes (use old mail, magazines, gift wrapping paper, tissue paper, construction paper, etc.) - please have these cut before class!


Learning Goals: 
* One-Point Perspective
Materials List: 
* drawing paper - white
* pencil
* eraser
* ruler
* black Sharpie
* markers or crayons