Viewer Testimony

television viewer testimony

Dear Eric and KRLB supporters.

Thank you for working so hard to restore our free local Christian television station.

KRLB programming is a critical lifeline to my mother who is largely housebound by the challenges of old age. It provides her with a way to participate in and pray for the world around her, and to receive spiritual encouragement and personal growth.

During the times when the station has been shut down, we have seen a dramatic increase in anxiety, confusion, and depression. When she could once again watch her Christian programs we have seen an amazing increase in her sense of purpose, peace and well-being. This also frees us to care for her more effectively and tend to our other responsibilities as well.

KRLB makes possible greater fulfillment in Mom’s life and less pressure on ours. If it impacts our family so dramatically….I wonder how many other people are also impacted in critical ways by this very important ministry.

I know that this station is being kept alive mostly by sacrificial volunteer hours (LOTS of them!) and small donations by local Christians. I want to express our deep gratitude to all who have given. You make a big difference in our lives.

Thank you.